Pre-party crafting

It can be time consuming being a mom. If it’s not your  time being drained then your wallet is probably slowly hemoraging. Here’s an activity that will make your party sparkle, save money and allow some fun time with the kids.


Glitter vase

A vase and some champagne glasses from The Dollar Store will do the trick. A quick run to Michaels for some glitter and adhesive spay and we are ready to go.


Bells playing with glitter

Messy and we had a lot of fun making the mess. By the end of the night she was covered in pink glitter and she loved every moment of it.


Messy but fun

It’s pretty simple we sprayed the glasses with an adhesive then rolled and sprinkled the glasses where we wanted the glitter and added a little too the dogs fur (optional of course). Once we were done being silly and messy with the glitter we sprayed a setting adhesive and we are ready to sip champagne in style.


Dollar store crafting


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Lady of the Tenderloin’s Grave


Here lies her grave. Once the patron saint to all those who slept in her alley, on her sidewalks. Her cries are now smothered, buried deep beneath His Fist of Flames.

Enveloped in flames. Covered by unaltered anger. Has the last bit of hope been enveloped by the flames of a living Hell that many find in the Tenderloin. Perhaps like the Phoenix something great and wonderful will emerge from this fiery inferno.

Lady of The Tenderloin


The Lady of the Tenderloin

In the Tenderloin nothing is sacred. Here she rests her weary bones in a deserted alley in San Francisco’s Tenderloin or as we like to call it The TL. Here she rested for the past ten years. Shedding tears for the lost souls which reside in her TL? Perhaps. Contemplating her future demise? She lies here no longer, with Change comes death. One must die for another to be born. She is now buried under the fiery inferno that many believe is The Tenderloin.


Today is summer or so I thought. My daughter had a fun swim class in the summer Sun? No, she shivered her way through her lesson. Blue lips and rosie cheeks. Long leaps from the pool to a warm robe “It’s cold” following quickly behind the cold droplets falling off her. Summer in San Fran you got to love it.

Trails and tales

    We spent the week at the stables. My 4 year old daughter took the heat in stride and went on trail rides everyday.

    She has been riding since she was 3. When I say riding I mean riding full grown horses. She is learning Western  and vaulting. Yes my kid is a bad ass. Riding has given her a confidence and strength that is amazing to see in a young child. She is sure of herself and the control she has on life. Knowing she can control a horse has given her the
confidence to lead.

    She has learned to respect animals. She understands their strength and her own. I have found riding to be the best education we could start her off with.


It is hard to believe that time has moved in such a quick pace. One minute you are sixteen and the next you are in your thirties, married, and your baby is no longer a baby but a kindergartner. The question is what is next? What path  must I take for happiness with a bit of challenge.